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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Guest Blogger - Day 5

Today’s race was within a stone’s throw of Saturday’s race, about 45 minutes away in Vigardolo. The course was also similar, totally flat except for two overpass crossings of the motorway. We would do nine lapsfor a total of 35 miles. Once again, the supergentleman field was big today consisting ofabout 70 riders. One big change was that the juniors in camp would also be riding in the supergentleman field with me. I would no longer be the “lonely Americano”.

A good break of about six riders got away on the second lap with two of our Velo Veneto juniors driving it. One of the other juniors and I blocked and I really thought that the breakwould make it. However, all of sudden the older guys in the break refused to work and it all came back together. Almost immediately another six man break went and this one would not come back. Unfortunately there were no Velo Veneto riders in this winning break,

The sprint consisted of a 500 meter straight shot proceeded by a hard left turn after a narrow two kilometer straight run-in. That run-in was quite an adventure. There were still 50 riders at that point and all of them were trying to get to the front. There was lots of yelling and pushing. I rode the last two kilometrs with my elbows sticking straight out but still only managed to finish around twenty-fifth.

Here’s a picture of the next race charging through the start-finish. This was a combined field of the “Veterans” (40-47) and the “Gentlemen” (48-55) classes

Here’s picture of our camp director, Pat, in front of the bar where registration held.

Since none of us have accumulated any Omnium points, we have declared Wednesday a rest day and are planning on an easy 50 miles in the foothills of the Dolomites. I hope to have some nice pictures as a result. See you tomorrow.


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