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I'm a 50 year old kid who loves to race bikes. I operate a bike racing camp in Northern Italy. When not in Italy I have the good fortune of living in one of the best places to ride, the Northern California Wine Country.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another W

Cindy did it again. In her second race of the season, she was victorious at the Snelling Road Race on Feb. 26th. The women did five laps of a 20k circuit that features a few rollers, some real bad pavement for about 2k's and usually a bit of breeze. Cindy got in a few breaks, but nothing was staying away. Coming in to the finish it was grouppo compato and around the corner with 500m to go she was 4th wheel. The group hesitated just a bit and she made her move, going clear and winning on the slight uphill sprint to the finish by a few bike lengths !!!

I wasn't there as I hadn't pre-registered and they capped the Masters 45+ field at only 50 entrants.

The next day was the Merced Criterium and Cindy was very agressive attacking and getting away in breaks. Just as one of her breaks was caught, another move went and of course that was the one that stuck. The three riders stayed away to the finish and Cindy ended up 2nd in the field sprint good for 5th place on the day.

This weekend the US National Calendar season starts back in Merced again for the McLane Pacific Classic .


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